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The Association of Professional Ball Players of America Membership is more than 49,000 current and former Pro Ballplayers dedicated to helping tomorrow’s Pro Ballplayers Succeed


APBPA youth League—Protect This House.
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The Apbpa Process

The approach that the Association of Professional Ball Players of America (APBPA) implements is designed to ensure the development of your athlete throughout the process of CRADLE TO CAREER. Our approach includes:

〉Access to our recruiting platform
    • Recruiting Profile 
    • College Coach Directory
    • Discounts on NSF Certified for Sport Supplements
    • Biomechanics Assessment and Corrective Exercise Program
    • Speed Training Videos and Library
    • Sports Performance Psychologist
    • Anti-Abuse Safety Training for Youth Athletes and Parents
Your athlete will be evaluated and scored in the following 5-Tools:
  • Hit for Power
  • Hit for Average
  • Arm Strength
  • Speed (60 yd. dash)
  • Defense/Fielding
Upon completion of the 5-Tool Assessment, your athlete will receive a blue check mark and notation as a “Verified” athlete in their recruiting profile.

Instruction at APBPA Skills Camps will come from former Professional Ballplayers.

Instruction will be specific to each of the 5-Tools in which your athlete needs to improve. Our goal in the 5-Tool Camps is to get your athlete into the “Above Average” or “Exceptional” range in each of the 5-Tools and ready for our upcoming showcase.


When your athlete is ready to attend a showcase (by achieving a cumulative ranking in the “Above Average” or “Exceptional” scoring range), he/ she will be invited to attend one of our APBPA Showcases.  College and pro scouts will know that they are attending a showcase of pre-screened athletes who have been pre-qualified and hand-selected to be in attendance.


Every APBPA Travel Team in our Nationwide Network of teams will be coached by one or more of the APBPA’s former Professional Ballplayer members and receive instruction from athletes who know what it takes to get to the professional level.

  • The APBPA maintains relationships with Top Agents/Advisors throughout the MLB. If, and when, your athlete is ready to sign a big league contract, no one will know your athlete better than we do. As such, our agents/advisors will be ready to take your athlete through the negotiation and signing process.

Whether your child’s goals are to play in the Pros or just have fun, your athlete deserves the knowledge, expertise, and resources of our professional ballplayers.

Nationwide Network of Teams

Nationwide Network of Professional Ballplayers as Coaches and Instructors

〉Discounts from our Nationwide Network of APBPA Equipment Partners

National and Regional Tournament Play

National and Regional Showcases

National, Regional and Local 5-Tool Camps and Skill Clinics

“Cradle to Career” Player Management and Big League Representation


Now Starting

youth baseball teams at the following levels:

9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, 17u

ALL APBPA teams will be managed by Former Professional Ballplayers

Let your young athlete be trained by the best in the business!

there are 3 ways to join!

Join APBPA Youth League As An Existing Team

Be A Player Referred by a Coach to Their Affiliate Team

Start A New APBPA Youth League Team

5-Tool Camps

Our “Cradle To Career” Approach Starts Here!

We believe all instruction needs to begin with an objective evaluation.

Our unique approach includes Evaluate, Instruct, Re-evaluate, Repeat.

Our 5-Tool Evaluation provides parents and ballplayers with a snapshot of their athlete’s current skill strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation provides a roadmap of what needs to be accomplished in order to improve your athlete’s future prospects.


League and Showcases are official Association of Professional Ball Players of America Games and Events!

Through its membership of approximately 49,000 former professional ball players, the APBPA enjoys a strong connection with a number of Major League Baseball representatives and facilities.The APBPA works alongside these assets to bring the best and most professional experience to the next generation of pro ballplayers.